Included in your registration

Stamp card

Walking award pins


Course maps

The course maps can be viewed here.

Course map

Marked route

The whole route is marked with arrows. Follow the yellow arrows to see all highlights and visit the stamp posts. 


The Marathon Eindhoven Urban Walk has two distances. During the route you can choose either the 12km or the 20km distance. You do not need to indicate this in advance at registration.

Stamping stations

During the Marathon Eindhoven Urban Walk you will encounter a number of stamping stations. At these checkpoints you can get a stamp for on your stamp card.

Unique souvenir

After the Marathon Eindhoven Urban Walk you will receive a unique souvenir. This is because at this distance of the ASML Marathon Eindhoven you do not get a medal, but a souvenir pin.

Extra options to order

Donation to charity
Donation to charity
Receive bib at home (Dutch addresses only)
Receive bib at home (Dutch addresses only)

Extra info

General terms and conditions

What are the general terms and conditions?
Click hier for the general terms and conditions. 

Confirmation email

I did not receive a confirmation email, what to do next?
After you registered you will receive a confirmation email. Make sure your email address is correctly filled in. Check your spambox if you do not receive the confirmation email within 30 minutes. If the email is not there either, feel free to reach out to us. 

Minimum age

What is the minimum age to particpate in the ASML Marathon Eindhoven Urban Walk ?
The minimum age for participation in the ASML Marathon Eindhoven Urban Walk is 6 years old at the day of the event.

Competition regulations

What are the competition regulations?
The competition regulations of the World Athletics are applicable. Click hier for the regulations.

Walking with a dog

Is it allowed to bring a dog to the Marathon Eindhoven Urban Walk?

It is allowed to walk the Marathon Eindhoven Urban Walk with a dog. There might be locations along the route were the dog isn't allowed inside.

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