Which distances are there?

Business Relay Marathon

42,195 km

The Business Relay Marathon has been a very popular part of the Marathon Eindhoven for many years. Four colleagues, all run about 10 km in relay form and this cover the entire marathon distance.

Business Run Half Marathon

21,1 km

Would you like to see the most beautiful side of Eindhoven with a team of three to five colleagues and / or partners? The many spectators and the atmosphere will provide a unique running experience for your company.

Business Run 10 km

10 km

A 10 km course in teams of colleagues. Your team may consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of five colleagues. This part will have an official result, a real competition element.

Included with your registration

Bib numbers


Unique medal


Why participate in the Business Runs?

Team photo

Vital employees





Register manual

How do I register our company?

Do you need help creating a team or registering an existing team? Then read these practical guides.

Create group
View the step-by-step plan for registering, entering and changing a group here.

Join a group
View the step-by-step plan for joining an existing group here.


Fast runners

Would you like to run as a fast runner in the Marathon or Half Marathon? Click here for more information.


Minimum ages

What are the minimum ages to participate?

  • Marathon Eindhoven: 20 years
  • Business Relay Marathon: 16 years
  • Half Marathon: 18 years
  • Business Run Half Marathon: 18 years
  • Jumbo 10 km: 14 years
  • Business Run 10 km: 16 years
  • Renewi Plogging Run: 12 years
  • Aon City Run 5 km: 8 years
  • 5KM4ALL: 6 years
  • Walking events: 6 years
  • Mini Marathon: 4 years
General terms and conditions

What are the general terms and conditions?
Click here for general terms and conditions.



When is the Marathon Eindhoven?

Saturday October 10th, 2020

  • 5KM4ALL
  • 12,5 and 20 km walk
  • Renewi Ploggin Run

Sunday October 11th, 2020

  • Marathon Eindhoven
  • Half Marathon 
  • Jumbo 10 km
  • Business Runs
  • AON City Run 5 km
  • Mini Marathon

View the full program here.


Are there any pacers?
The Aon Pacing Team powered by Runner's World consists of experienced runners who set the pace for the full and half marathon. The pacers also carry starting numbers with the desired finishing time visible on them. You can join a pacer of your choice.

The target times for the full (M) and half marathon (HM) are as follows:


Desired finishing time (M)


3.00 h


3.15 h


3.30 h


3.45 h


4.00 h


4.15 h


4:30 h


4:45 h


5:00 h



Desired finishing time (HM)


1.30 h


1.35 h


1.40 h


1.45 h


1.50 h


1.55 h


2.00 h


2.05 h


How does the program look like?
Click here for all programs.


Where can I find my result?
The results will be published on this page afterwards. You will also receive the link to the results page by e-mail after the event. Note: the gross time is the official time. Do you have a question or remark about your results? Send an e-mail to Mylaps Event Timing based on your start number and any times you have clocked yourself.  

Race regulations

What are the race regulations?
Atletiekunie and World Athletics race regulations apply to our event.

Check here all FAQ's

Additional information

Photo session

When and where can we have a photo taken of our team?

For each company, we make a photo in running outfit of all participants in the Business Runs. Due to the expected crowds, the photos can be taken between 08:30 and 15:30. Agree with your team members in advance what time you will be photographed together. The location will be published later.


Who will receive a medal?

After the finish, the last runner of the Business Relay Marathon team must hand in the start number tire in the finish area on the Vestdijk. In return, he / she will receive four medals for the entire team. All runners of the Business Run 10 km and Business Run Half Marathon receive a medal immediately after the finish.

Award ceremony

When are the awards ceremonies?

Business Run 10 km & half marathon

The net times of the first 3 finished runners of your team are added up. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams will receive a trophy. The prize winners will be announced from approximately 5 pm. Experience shows that many runners are not available for the award ceremony. The prize winners will be announced via the speaker. The Business Run Committee makes agreements with the contact persons of the winning teams about when and where the award ceremony will take place.

Business Relay Marathon

The result of the Business Relay Marathon is determined on the basis of the gross end time, provided that the first runner has started from the correct (purple) starting box. If the runner does not start in the correct starting box, a penalty time will be added to the gross finish time. Attempts will be made to hand over the prizes to the winning teams on the day. If this is not feasible, the winning teams will be approached in the week after the marathon to receive their prize. Prizes are available for the first three teams to cross the finish line.

Transport Relay Marathon

Is there free transport to / from the exchange points during the Relay Marathon?

Yes, the buses leave the Pastor Peter Street to Exchange Point 1 and 3. Exchange Point 2 is in the center.

Participating companies

Which companies have already registered?