Experience Marathon Eindhoven during NN Running Day on 24 and 25 October

During NN Running Day you will experience the atmosphere of the most beautiful running events in the Netherlands. So you can still run the Marathon Eindhoven powered by ASML. The MyTrace app imitates the experience of the Marathon Eindhoven as lifelike as possible. Be ready for the countdown, the starting gun and the ethousiastic support of the spectators. While running you will receive various updates such as your current ranking and speed. After your run you will find yourself in the digital leaderboard.

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How does it work?

Download the app

Download the MyTrace-app (App Store of Google Play Store) and follow the steps until your MyTrace ID becomes visible.

Sign up

Sign up here and choose the distance you want to run.

Unlock the MyTrace app

Click on the link in the email, enter your MyTrace ID and unlock the app.

Choose your startwave

Choose your desired startwave. The countdown can begin!

Determine your route

Plot the most ideal route from your front door. 


Keep moving!

Start the app

Be ready in time with the MyTrace app on your phone, insert your earphones, click on 'go to the start' and wait for the start signal.

Good luck!

Enjoy and experience the experience and atmosphere of the Marathon Eindhoven.


The main distance of Marathon Eindhoven is the marathon. Have you made enough hours of training to complete the distance of 42,2K?

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Half marathon

The part with the most participants during the Marathon Eindhoven is the half marathon distance of 21.1 km. Are you up to the challenge?  

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Jumbo 10K

Whether you want to run a 10K for the first time or to sharpen your personal record, you can do it on Sunday October 11th during the Jumbo 10K.

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Aon City Run 5K

Are you a real runner for the atmosphere, do you like short distances or just started running? The Aon City Run is your distance!

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What is NN Running Day?

Because many running events do not take place, we miss the experience and atmosphere. But we are going to do something about that! During NN Running Day you will experience the experience and atmosphere of the most beautiful running events in the Netherlands. You will hear the countdown, the starting shot and the encouragement of the enthusiastic public. You will receive updates about your intervals and average speed. You will also find yourself in the digital leaderboard.

How can I sign up?

Download the MyTrace app (App Store of Google Play Store) and follow the steps to make your personal MyTrace ID visible.

Then sign up for an event and distance of your choice via this website. You will receive an e-mail containing a link to a page where you can enter your MyTrace ID. Did you do this? Your registration is complete.

You can now choose your desired start wave in the app. The countdown has started! In the meantime, plan your ideal route with the National Netherlands Runner Planner. Be ready in time with the MyTrace app on your phone and your earphones and wait for the start gun. Have fun!

Which events are part of NN Running Day?

You can register for different distances of the NN Marathon Rotterdam, Marathon Eindhoven powered by ASML, Singelloop Utrecht, Almere City Run, Maastrichts Mooiste, Menzis 4 Mijl of Groningen and Menzis 4Mijl4You powered by GasTerra. The available distances vary form 4,2km till the full marathon distance.

Are there different start waves?

Each event/distance has several start waves. You can choose your desired start wave in the app, as soon as you are logged in. If you miss your start wave, you can still choose a later start (if available). If you do start later in your chosen wave, please take into account that this will affect your finish time and ranking.

How is safety ensured during NN Running Day?

You run and participate in NN Running Day on your own. In addition, you must adhere to the applicable precautions and regulations, such as keeping your distance and complying with traffic rules. NN Running Day is there for everyone and we appeal to everyone's personal responsibility to make it a safe and sporting experience together, at a distance, throughout the Netherlands.

Who can sign up for NN Running Day?

Anyone aged 12 and over can register for NN Running Day free of charge.

Can I sign up for multiple events and/or distances?

You can sign up for multiple distances. You will receive a link per distance to activate this distance in the app. Make sure to select different start times in the app for each distance.

Can I also register someone else?

Yes, in the shop you can order multiple distances at the same time. You will receive a confirmation email with an overview of your order.

You will then receive a separate e-mail per event with one or more links (depending on the number you have ordered). All runners who wish to participate must download the MyTrace app and follow the steps until their personal MyTrace ID is visible. 

Next, a MyTrace ID needs to be entered for each link, after which the participants can choose their start wave in the app and are part of the excitement.

I have a question, where can I ask it?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact formof NN Running Day. Click here to ask your question.

Run the Marathon Eindhoven powered by ASML from home on 24 or 25 October during NN Running Day.

Start from your own home and experience the atmosphere of the Marathon Eindhoven during NN Running Day. Sign up for free, download the MyTrace app and run!

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