Tips for running in hot weather

Moisture balance
Make sure you are at the start with sufficient fluid in your body. This means that in the days before your race you should make sure to drink extra water every day. An indication of whether you are drinking enough is the color of your urine. A light color means well hydrated.

Adjust your clothing to the temperature. Don't dress too hot: wear ventilated clothing and leave dark-colored clothing in your closet. It may be useful to bring a cap to protect your head and face from the sun.

It is wise to protect your skin, especially on the face, from the sun with sunscreen.

Always listen extra carefully to your body!
Don't focus blindly on your goal, but listen extra carefully to your body. This applies to every runner, even well-trained runners. At higher temperatures, your heart rate may be 5-15 beats higher than normal. This will cost extra energy. Make sure that you limit the risk of injuries, dehydration and heat build-up.

Make use of every sponge station and the drinks station
Use both the sponge stations and the drinking stations. We recommend using each sponge station to properly cool your body. The drinks stations are designed for drinking. You can also bring water with you in a water bottle or wear a water belt. Or have any supporter(s) bring extra water.

Sponge posts for cooling
Use the sponge posts to cool the body, not for drinking. You can use the cooling on your neck, face and wrists.

Drinking stations for hydration
Along the way you will regularly find drinking stations to drink, not to throw water over you. Each aid station along the course is provided with water and Isotonic sports drink AA. The posts are clearly recognizable and consist of several stalls. Each post is indicated in advance by yellow signs located on the right side of the road. Take advantage of the opportunity from the first drinking station, don't wait until you get thirsty. After the finish, each participant also receives 1 bottle of Isotone sports drink AA. Water is also offered.

Drinking a lot of water and lemonade water is not necessarily good. Especially in warm weather, eating something and/or drinking isotonic fluid is just as important as sufficient fluid intake; this in connection with salt and electrolyte depletion by sweat.

Don't try to make a final sprint
It is important to maintain a steady pace, especially in warm weather. Even if your goal is getting closer, it is wise not to make a final sprint. Once you reach the finish line, keep moving! Walk quietly and do not sit or hang on the fences. This is physically and medically better after strenuous exercise.

Relax and restore your fluid balance. Isotonic sports drink AA and water are available after the finish. Change your clothing to something dry when you finish, walking for too long in wet clothes doesn't feel comfortable. Don't forget to enjoy your victory.

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