Since Eindhoven is located near the Belgian border, a significant group of participants annually comes from Belgium. The flat and wide course leads to fast finish times and is received well by participants. With multiple international top athletes participating a great competition is expected.


“As Belgian Athletics Federation we are happy to for the sixth time join forces with Golazo Netherlands in organizing the Belgian Championship Marathon. In a city that now feels familiar to many Belgian runners. We join a tradition, because just like the previous 5 editions before COVID-19, this marathon ensures a beautiful Championship with a great experience", says chairman of the Flemish and Belgian Athletics Federation Gery Follens.

"The excellent fast course will undoubtedly attract a lot of Belgians to cross the border to Eindhoven. We will do everything we can to offer our athletes and their supporters all comfort and a good experience and hope to be able to decorate another homely ‘Belgium house’ at the finish, where we can together relive the marathon.” 

Fast course

Remco Barbier, CEO of organizer Golazo Nederland is also looking forward to the Belgian Championship Marathon: “We are very excited to again organize the Belgian Championship during ASML Marathon Eindhoven. Concerning the group of top athletes we for the upcoming years mainly want to focus on helping European athletes in realizing their sporting goals. The course in Eindhoven is very fast and with the support of all visitors athletes can succeed in delivering their very best performance.”

In 2019, during the last Belgian Championship organized in Eindhoven, Gerd Devos came in first with a finish time of 2:23:42. Belgian female Karen Van Proeyen became the quickest finisher amongst all women with a finish time of 2:42:13.

Program ASML Marathon Eindhoven

Besides the marathon more events are hosted in the marathon weekend of 8 and 9 October. This year on Saturday 8 October people can participate in the Renewi Plogging Run, Your Marathon Challenge and walking tours of 5, 10 or 15K. With the Plogging Run the course is during running cleaned of litter. For Your Marathon Challenge walkers complete the last 1.195 kilometers of their personal marathon. The first 41 kilometers they already completed at their own pace at a different time.

On Sunday 9 October runners will be at the start of Mini Marathon (1.6 kilometers for children), Business Runs, City Run (5 kilometers), Jumbo 1/4 Marathon, ASML Half Marathon and ASML Marathon.