International technology company ASML is the biggest employer in the region Brainport Eindhoven. The company encourages its 17.000 employers in the region to participate in the event as a runner, volunteer or as a trainer to help prepare others for their participation. “Sport ignites a passion in every person, no matter where they come from or what their background is” says Maaike Yark, program manager community engagement at ASML. “The upcoming years we are dedicated to assisting more citizens of Eindhoven than ever before set their sporting goals, start moving or in any other way draw fun, vitality and a feeling of connection from this event.”

“The objectives of ASML closely resonate with our ambition for Marathon Eindhoven. Sport connects and contributes to people’s health. With our walking and running event we want to encourage everyone to take part. By offering different distances we wish to make running accessible for a significant number of people”, expresses Remco Barbier, CEO of organization Golazo Nederland.

Municipality Eindhoven for the following three years also commits to the ambitions of ASML Marathon Eindhoven. Sports councilman Stijn Steenbakkers: “Marathon Eindhoven has for years been a celebration for the whole city. Namely, everyone can be a part of the event, no matter how fast or how far you run or walk. This is the reason for us at College to renew the sponsorship agreement with Golazo for three years. It is really good news that ASML is connected to this vision! ASML thereby illustrates that sports companies and vitality go hand-in-hand. In Eindhoven we really work together: companies, the government, knowledge institutions and organizations. This is something I am proud of and I look forward to a beautiful marathon weekend in our city.”

Last year, almost 20.000 people participated at Marathon Eindhoven. Besides the running, the experience itself is also an important aspect for ASML. If you are not a runner, you are still more than welcome to come cheer everyone on and make it a great day.

Program Saturday 8 October
This year, on Saturday 8 October, people can participate in the Renewi Plogging Run, Your Marathon Challenge or join a walking tour of 5, 10 or 15 kilometer. At the Plogging Run participants clean the course of litter whilst running. For Your Marathon Challenge walkers complete the last 1.195 kilometers of their marathon. The first 41 kilometers they already completed at different times at their own pace.  

Program Sunday 9 October
On Sunday 9 October runners will be standing at the start of the Mini Marathon (a kids run of 1.6 kilometers), Business Runs, City Run (5 kilometers), Jumbo 1/4 Marathon, ASML Half Marathon and ASML Marathon.