Free 10-week training program
ASML organizes a free 10-week training program for employees and residents in the region to make this sporting event accessible to everyone. Since the beginning of August, participants have been working with a trainer every week so they can confidently step up to the starting line in October.

The city of Eindhoven, marathon organizer Golazo and ASML are working together in the region to find participants with modest means and prepare them for the sporting event. The training sessions offer a balance between running training, strength training and running techniques. ASML sponsors the participants’ tickets, and also provides sportswear and running shoes when desired. This way people with limited running experience or resources also have the opportunity to participate in the ASML Marathon Eindhoven.

Warm welcome to all supporters
ASML also embraces the inclusive Your Marathon Challenge, an endeavor everyone can join at their own pace, walking or using a wheelchair. 

"Discover your inner champion and cover the first 41 km at your own pace in the weeks prior to the marathon. On October 7 you’ll finish the last 1.195 km on the Vestdijk during the event. This brings the marathon even more within reach for a wider group of people," says Maaike Yark.

During the 2022 edition, a record number of nearly 25,000 people participated in the Eindhoven Marathon. Aside from running, the overall experience is key. Supporters are also welcome to cheer on family, friends or colleagues and make it a fun day.

"ASML's objectives align well with our ambitions for the Eindhoven Marathon. Playing sports builds bridges and contributes to people's health. We want to encourage everyone to join in during our walking and running event. We offer a variety of distances to give as many people as possible the chance to participate," says Mario Kadiks of Golazo Nederland, organizer of the ASML Marathon Eindhoven. 


Saturday October 7
Saturday is centered around the ASML Your Marathon Challenge and the Urban Walk walking tour of 12 or 20 km.

Sunday October 8
On Sunday, the runners gear up for the ASML Marathon (42.195 km), ASML Half Marathon, 1/4 Marathon, Jumbo Mini Marathon (1.6 km for children), the RSM City Run (5 km) and Business Runs.