In 2019

The following two innovations are central during Marathon Eindhoven 2019:

KM signs counting down along the route

Since 2017, all participants in the Marathon Eindhoven will unconsciously receive additional support. The organization places 42 km signs counting down along the route. After 195 meters, the first signs will be placed: '42 km to go '. Every kilometer is deducted and we hope to create a psychological benefit for the participants. It looks easier when you see the number continuously smaller instead of larger. In addition, on each board is a short motivational quote. All events finish on the Vestdijk. That means every runner will see the km signs. As many runners like to see the standard 5 km signs and times, they will be kept along the trails.

The new KM signs were introduced in 2017 and were a huge succes. In 2018, the concept has been further developed. All participants will be facilitated in advance with adjusted time schedules so they can calculate their expected split times on the bases of their expected pace or finish time in order to help them reach their personal dream time. 

Running pace calculator

Enter your expected running pace or finish time below to calculate your personal split times.

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'Good you are here' finish concept

Months before the race day our participants start training to deliver a good performance during the Marathon Eindhoven. Whether the goal is to reach the finish line at all or to run a fast time; every (half) marathon runner has its own story and its own reasons to run. 

Together with designer Jelle Mastenbroek, we have collected 170 motivations which will  be shown on huge banners throughout the city during the Marathon Eindhoven and in the finish area.

'Good you are here' finish concept

Green light for 37th Marathon Eindhoven powered by ASML

The Eindhoven Marathon will experience its 37th edition on Sunday 10 October. After the government announced to let go of the one and a half meter rule as of September 25, the municipality of Eindhoven has given the green light to organize this popular event. Together with the security services and the municipality of Eindhoven, the final adjustments are being made so that an extension of the license can follow.

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