Race regulations

A. Application The contest regulations of the Dutch Athletic Federation shall apply except if at variance with these general conditions. The contest regulations of World Athletics shall apply except if at variance with the contest regulations of the Dutch Athletic Federationand and these general conditions. B. Assignment of categories The Organizer assigns a category to the Entrant on the basis of sex and age on the day of the Event. Before the Event the Entrant shall verify whether the category assigned to him by the Organizer is correct. The Organizer is not liable for the consequences of an incorrect category assigned. Sex Category Age Sex Category Age Men MSR 20-34 Women VSR 20-34 Men M35 35-39 Women V35 35-39 Men M40 40-44 Women V40 40-44 Men M45 45-49 Women V45 45-49 Men M50 50-54 Women V50 50-54 Men M55 55-59 Women V55 55-59 Men M60 60-64 Women V60 60-64 Men M65 65-69 Women V65 65 and older Men M70 70 and older C. Prizes per category Each Entrant who will reach the finish in time, will receive a token medal. Besides, within each category comprising more than twenty five persons, prizes will be given to the first three persons reaching the finish. If a category should comprise fewer than twenty six but more than four persons, there will be a first prize for the first person reaching the finish. If a category should comprise fewer than five persons, these persons will compete for the prizes in the category of the next lower age category. An Entrant shall not be entitled to a prize if he has violated the contest regulations. A prize shall be returned to the Organizer if after its presentation it should turn out that the Entrant has acted contrary to the contest regulations. D. Determination of the result The Organizer shall determine the result and is entitled to change the result after irregularities have been found. A prize shall be returned by the Entrant to the Organizer if the result has been corrected such that there will be no entitlement to the prize anymore. E. Manner of movement All Entrants shall run following a course set by the Organizer in a manner appropriate for this type of athletics. F. Starting position The Organizer will allocate a starting section to an Entrant. G. Starting numbers The Entrant will receive from the Organizer one piece of textile showing the starting number allocated to him. The Entrant shall fix the starting number on his chest with the aid of safety pins distributed by the Organizer. The pieces of textile shall be fixed and worn in such a way that the starting number, bar code and other information thereon will be properly visible. They may not be cut or folded. The Entrant may not wear starting numbers other than those provided by the Organizer. The Entrant is advised to mention any medical information on the inside of the starting number on his back. The Organizer will collect the starting numbers of Entrants who have been disqualified or have withdrawn or stopped participating. H. Time records The Organizer ascertains the finishing time and the intervals of the Entrant. Such ascertainment shall be binding. The times will be recorded through the MYLAPS BibTag. The Organizer can only record the Entrants times if he/she will wear a MYLAPS BibTag in the proper manner. The Entrant recieves a MYLAPS BibTag from the Organizer. I. Deadline / last runner In order to make the course available to traffic the Entrant should have passed certain points of the course at certain points of time. The Organizer will indicate those points and points of time in his website. Any Entrant who will not have reached or passed a certain point at a certain point of time, will be withdrawn from the Event by the Organizer. The decision of the arbiter so appointed by the Organizer as to whether an Entrant has passed a certain point in time, shall be binding. Any Entrants who will pass the finish and have thereby exceeded the duration set by the Organizer, will not be counted in determining the results of the contest. Distance Time limit 5K 00:50:00 10K 01:30:00 15K 02:10:00 20K 02:50:00 25K 03:30:00 30K 04:10:00 35K 04:50:00 40K 05:25:00 Finish 05:30:00 J. Disqualification / withdrawal from the contest The Organizer is entitled to disqualify and / or withdraw an Entrant from the contest if he does not adhere to these contest regulations or if such is deemed necessary for medical reasons or in connection with the orderly progress of the Event. K. Instructions by contest management Entrants shall follow the instructions given by the Organizer or persons apparently belonging to the organization of the Organizer, considering their dress or other external features. L. Other provisions: The Entrant may not accept any aid (drinks, food, sponge, etc.) from anybody other than a post so equipped and manned by the Organizer. The Road Traffic Act and the legislation based thereon, such as, traffic rules and traffic signs, shall apply to the entire course during the Event. The Entrant is not allowed to let himself be guided on the course, irrespective of the purpose and any person. Bringing such objects as (domestic) animals, perambulators, banners etc. is not allowed. It is not possible to leave clothes in the start area. For that reason the Entrants are advised to arrive in the start area while dressed to run. The Organizer does not accept any liability for lost clothing or other properties of Entrants. This also applies to any matters left behind in the dressing accommodation made available by the Organizer. The Entrant should note that this accommodation will not be guarded by the Organizer. The Entrant is expected not to damage other persons properties and not to leave any litter behind. In the event of differences in translation or interpretation between the Dutch and the English version of this document, parties will be bound to the Dutch version which prevails.