Program | Friday

Friday, October 6th
Time Acitivity Location
4.00 pm - 8.00 pm Race secretary open (pick up bib numbers Saturday and Sunday and t-shirts) TU Eindhoven (MetaForum)v

Program | Saturday

Saturday, October 7th
Time Acitivity Location
08.00 - 09.15 am Pick-up stamp cards walk Stories Eindhoven (Torenallee 22-02)
08.30 - 09.00 am Start Marathon Eindhoven Urban Walk 20K Stories Eindhoven (Torenallee 22-02)
09.00 - 09.15 am Start Marathon Eindhoven Urban Walk 12K Stories Eindhoven (Torenallee 22-02)
12.45 - 3.15 pm Finish Marathon Eindhoven Urban Walk Vestdijk
3.30 pm Start ASML Your Marathon Challenge Stadhuisplein
3.35 - 4.30 pm Finish ASML Your Marathon Challenge Vestdijk
04.00 pm - 9.00 pm Race secretary open (pick up bib numbers Saturday and Sunday and t-shirts) TU Eindhoven (MetaForum)v

Program | Sunday

Sunday, October 8th
Time Activity Location
08.00 am - 07.00 pm Eventsite MetaForum open (pick up bibs and t-shirts, bag deposit and medal engraving) TU Eindhoven (MetaForum)
09.00 am Start Jumbo Mini Marathon Boschdijktunnel
09.30 am Start RSM City Run Montgomerylaan
10.00 am Start ASML Marathon Eindhoven (incl. Business Relay Marathon) Mathildelaan
10.15 am Start 1/4 Marathon (incl. Business 1/4 Marathon) Montgomerylaan
02.00 pm Start ASML Half Marathon - wave A (incl. Business Half Marathon) Montgomerylaan
02.15 pm Start ASML Half Marathon - wave B (incl. Business Half Marathon) Montgomerylaan
02.30 pm Start ASML Half Marathon - wave C (incl. Business Half Marathon) Montgomerylaan
05.30 pm Closing finish Vestdijk


ASML Marathon Eindhoven  is known for its fast courses and enthusiastic support by the spectators. The different music venues of the Marathon Festival make an important contribution to the famous atmosphere in the city. 

Course records ASML Marathon Eindhoven
Kenneth Kipkomei (M) - 2:04:52 (2023)
Paskalia Chepkogei (V) - 2:22:47 (2022)

 Start locations
- Marathon Eindhoven Urban Walk - Stories Eindhoven, Torenallee 22-02
- Your Marathon Challenge - Stadhuisplein
- Jumbo Mini Marathon - Boschdijktunnel near the Mediamarkt
- RSM City Run - Montgomerylaan, near Fontys
- 1/4 Marathon - Montgomerylaan, near Fontys
- ASML Halve Marathon - Montgomerylaan, near Fontys
- ASML Marathon Eindhoven - Mathildelaan, near WestCord Hotel Eindhoven

View the online course maps
ASML Marathon Eindhoven (42.195K)

View course 2023

The course of the ASML Marathon Eindhoven has been officially measured.


The Exchange points of the Business Estafette Marathon are located at the following locations:
Exchange point 1: High Tech Campus (10.9K)
Exchange point 2: Montgomerylaan (20.4K)
Exchange point 3: Gerretsonlaan (32K)

Stage 1: 10.9K
Stage 2: 9.5K
Stage 3: 11.6K
Stage 4: 10.2K

ASML Half Marathon (21.1K)

View course 2023

The course of the ASML Half Marathon Eindhoven has been officially measured.

1/4 Marathon
RSM City Run
Jumbo Mini Marathon (1 mile)
ASML Your Marathon Challenge
Marathon Eindhoven Urban Walk 12km and 20km

The route of the Marathon Eindhoven Urban Walk will be announced later.

Bib numbers

Bib numbers Dutch participants
Due to the production time of the bib numbers, it is possible until September 10 to have your first name printed on the bib number and to fill in your expected end time. It is currently possible to get your name printed on your bib number and to order the option to receive your bib number at home. Otherwise you can pick up their bib number in the weekend of the ASML Marathon Eindoven at the race secretary. You can register untill October 6th. 

Bib numbers foreign participants
Participants who don’t live in the Netherlands can pick up their bib number at the race secretary.

Bib numbers for schools and businesses
For schools and businesses, is it possible to register until September 10. After that it’s no longer possible to register. The bib numbers of the schools and businesses will be sent to the contact person the week prior to the ASML Marathon Eindhoven.

Fill in the medical passport
For your own safety you are strongly encouraged to complete the medical form on the back of the bib. This is very important as the information will help the organisers provide appropriate help in case of an emergency. You must wear your bib number on your chest.

Change distance

Change distance
You can change the distance if the desired distance is not yet sold out. You can change to a higher distance with the condition that the difference in price is paid. If you change to a lower distance, there will be no refund of the registration fee (or an part of it).

How it works:

  • Log in to your dashbord. The link and password are in the confirmation email;
  • Click on ''change race'';
  • Choose the distance you want to run and click on ''continue''.
  • If you have chosen a higher distance and there is a price difference, you will have to pay the amount due by clicking on ''checkout''.

Note: Do you change your distance? You can use your current bib number to enter the starting area of your new distance. You don't need to visit the race secretary.

Opening times race secretariat

Opening times race secretariat

  • Friday, October 6: 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Saturday, October 7: 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Sunday, October 8: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

The race secretary is located at the TU Eindhoven (MetaForum).

Stamp cards for the Marathon Eindhoven Urban Walk can only be collected before the start of the walk at Stories Eindhoven (Torenallee 22-02).

Start waves

Format start waves
The layout of the start waves of the marathon and half marathon will be determined based on your given expected finishing time. In connection with the production of the bib numbers, it is possible to enter your expected finishing time until 10 September. After this, all participants are automatically assigned to the last start wave. Please note: it is then no longer possible to change your start wave or start time. You may start in a later start wave.

Please note: at the other distances there is one start and so there are no start waves. To promote the flow on the course, you are assigned to a start area that is stated on your bib number. It is no longer possible to change your starting area. Please make sure you are in your start wave at least 15-30 minutes before the start. Click here for more information on fast runners.

Map start boxes

Start box ASML Marathon

Start box ASML Half Marathon

Start box Business Relax Marathon

The colour of the starting area for the Business Relay Marathon is purple and is located behind the starting areas of the entire marathon. In order to have a fair result all teams have to start in the same square. If you start in a different starting square, we are obliged to add a penalty time to the gross time of the team for the final result. This penalty time will be at least 5 minutes.

Start box Business Half Marathon

The division of the starting boxes will be determined on the basis of your given expected finishing time in the entry form. The boxes will be indicated by means of a colour. The starting box in which you have to start is indicated on your starting number with the colour of the starting box.

Start box Business 1/4 Marathon

For the Business 1/4 Marathon there is only one start, so there are no different starting squares.

Bag delivery and clothing accomodation

On Sunday, you can use the bag delivery and the changing facilities ath the TU Eindhoven. It is not allowed to take bags or backpacks into the starting areas and/or leave them unattended around the event site or the course. Everything that is left unattended will be removed and thrown away due to safety.

Bag deposit costs €5,- and can be purchased at the TU Eindhoven.

There is no bag deposit on Saturday.

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