Coronavirus entry pass

As of the 25th of september the government has adjusted the regulations regarding COVID-19, which means the following for participants and spectators. 

Participation in a running event outside is seen as excercise, that can take place without COVID-19 related restrictive regulations. Therefore, a coronavirus entry pass is not needed.

The Marathon Eindhoven powered by ASML will be considered as a run-though activity for spectators standing on the sideline of the trail, that can take place without restrictive regulations. Therefore, a coronavirus entry pass is not needed.

Program | Saturday

Saturday, October 9th
Time Acitivity Location
10.00 - 18.00 hrs Pick up bib numbers (last minute registrations) Beursgebouw
10.00 hrs Start Renewi Plogging Run Pullman Hotel
11.30 hrs Start Walking 18K Strijp-S
12.30 hrs Start Walking 12K Strijp-S
13.00 hrs Start Your Marathon Challenge (1.195K) 18 Septemberplein
13.05 - 14.00 hrs Finish Your Marathon Challenge Vestdijk
14.00 - 17.30 hrs Finish Walking Vestdijk

Program | Sunday

Sunday, October 10th
Time Activity Location
09.30 hrs Start Mini Marathon 18 Septemberplein
09.45 hrs Start Aon City Run 5K Montgomerylaan
10.00 hrs Start Marathon Eindhoven (incl. Business Relay Marathon) Mathildelaan
10.10 hrs Start Jumbo 10K Montgomerylaan
14.00 hrs Start Half Marathon - wave 1 ABC (incl. Business Half Marathon) Montgomerylaan
14.15 hrs Start Half Marathon - wave 2 DEF (incl. Business Half Marathon) Montgomerylaan
14.30 hrs Start Half Marathon - wave 3 GH (incl. Business Half Marathon) Montgomerylaan
17.30 hrs Closing finish Vestdijk


The Marathon Eindhoven powered by ASML is known for its fast courses and enthusiastic support by the spectators. The different music venues of the Marathon Festival make an important contribution to the famous atmosphere in the city. Famous highlights along the route are the Markt, Catharinaplein, Stratumseind and Geldropseweg. The routes on Saturday are clearly indicated by means of arrows and run over Strijp-S, Strijp-T, Strijp R, the Philips de Jonghpark and the Philips Fruit Garden.

Course records Marathon Eindhoven
Dickson Chumba (M) - 2:05:46 (2012)
Georginia Rono (V) - 2:24:33 (2011)

Marathon Eindhoven (42.195K)

View course 2021

The change points of the Business Estafette Marathon are located at the following locations:
Exchange point 1: High Tech Campus (10.9K)
Exchange point 2: Montgomerylaan (20.4K)
Exchange point 3: Gerretsonlaan (32K)

Stage 1: 10.9K
Stage 2: 9.5K
Stage 3: 11.6K
Stage 4: 10.2K

Half Marathon (21.1K)
Jumbo 10K
Aon City Run 5K
Mini Marathon (1 mile)

Bib numbers

Bib numbers Dutch participants
Due to the production time of the bib numbers, it is possible until September 26 to have your first name printed on the bib number and to fill in your expected end time. If you register before Monday October 4, you will receive your bib number at home. Anyone who registers after October 3, must pick up their bib number in het Beursgebouw on Saturday 9 or Sunday 10 October in the weekend of the Marathon Eindoven. You can register untill October 9th. The opening hours of the Beursgebouw are: Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sunday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Bib numbers foreign participants
Participants who don’t live in the Netherlands can pick up their bib number in het Beursgebouw on Saturday 9 or Sunday 10 October. The opening hours of the Beursgebouw are: Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sunday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Bib numbers for schools and businesses
For schools and businesses, is it possible to register until September 26. After that it’s no longer possible to register. The bib numbers of the schools and businesses will be sent to the contact person the week prior to the Marathon Eindhoven.

Fill in the medical passport
For your own safety you are strongly encouraged to complete the medical form on the back of the bib. This is very important as the information will help the organisers provide appropriate help in case of an emergency. You must wear your bib number on your chest.

Transfer bib number

We offer all individually registered participants the opportunity to transfer their starting ticket (including any additional products purchased) to someone else via our supply and demand platform. You can transfer your bib number to someone else by logging into your account and following the steps. Click here for the step-by-step plan for transferring a bib number. If you transfer your bib number after September 19, your name will not be visible on the startnumber, because it has already been printed. The bib number will be sent to the address of the original entrant, so you are responsible for the transfer of your bib number. Your name will be correct in the end results.

Change distance

Change distance
You can change the distance if the desired distance is not yet sold out. You can change to a higher distance with the condition that the difference in price is paid. If you change to a lower distance, there will be no refund of the registration fee (or an part of it).

How it works:

  • Log in to your account. The link and password are in the confirmation email;
  • Click on ''change race'';
  • Choose the distance you want to run and click on ''continue''.
  • If you have chosen a higher distance and there is a price difference, you will have to pay the amount due by clicking on ''checkout''.

Note: Do you change your distance after September 12? Then come to the helpdesk on the day of the event to pick up a sticker that you need to attach to your bib number. This will allow you to start your new distance.

Opening times race secretariat

Opening times race secretariat

  • Saturday, October 9: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Sunday, October 10: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Times are subject to change

Start waves

Format start waves
The layout of the start waves of the marathon and half marathon will be determined based on your given expected finishing time. In connection with the production of the bib numbers, it is possible to enter your expected finishing time until 12 September. After this, all participants are automatically assigned to the last start wave. Please note: it is then no longer possible to change your start wave or start time. You may start in a later start wave.

Please note: at the other distances there is one start and so there are no start waves. To promote the flow on the course, you are assigned to a start area that is stated on your bib number. It is no longer possible to change your starting area. Please make sure you are in your start wave at least 15-30 minutes before the start. Click here for more information on fast runners.

Bag delivery and clothing accomodation

You can use the bag delivery and the changing facilities, which are located in the Beursgebouw. On Sunday, you can also drop off personal items here. It is not allowed to take bags or backpacks into the starting areas and/or leave them unattended around the event site or the course. Everything that is left unattended will be removed and thrown away due to safety.

Travel info

How to get to the event
Travel by public transport as much as possible. Eindhoven Central Station is easily accessible and is located near the various starting locations and the finish line. Keep in mind that many roads are closed and it will be very busy in the city. Click here to see the route planner from the municipality of Eindhoven, containing the road closures during the weekend of the Eindhoven Marathon powered by ASML.

Affordable parking
You can park the car affordable at one of the following parking garages: 
- Parking Stadskantoor -
- Parking Fellenoord -
- Parking TD gebouw -
- Parking Philips Stadion -

Public transport

Station Eindhoven Centraal is withing walking distance of the start and finish location. Participants and visitors can travel by train to this station on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 October. Due to the expected crowds, please allow for extra travel time. Plan your trip before you leave and check the latest information on

Bus services
Due to the preparatory work and the execution of the event, various bus lines will not run or will run according to a different timetable. To be well prepared, plan your trip on


We advise all participants and spectators to travel by public transport as much as possible. If you know people in your area who are also going to walk or go to Eindhoven, try to ride with each other. It is cozier, saves costs and is environmentally friendly. Some parking garages in and around the center of Eindhoven are not accessible, or have limited accessibility around Marathon Eindhoven. In the run-up to the event, we will publish an overview of parking garages that are accessible.


The best way to reach the city is by bicycle. You can park your bicycle at the designated locations. On this page you will find an overview of all bicycle parking facilities in Eindhoven.

Closing roads

We do not want to fail to apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by the temporary closures on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 October and thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. The road closures and crossings will be published in the run-up to the event. The Municipality of Eindhoven has developed a live route planner that displays the current closures of an event. Just like last year, all barriers and crossing points of the various courses, linked to the exact times, have been processed. Click here for the route planner. Note: make sure you set the correct date via 'route options'.

Pedestrian crossings

There will be pedestrian crossings at the following points:

  • At the Vestdijk near DDL
  • At the Markt - the Mr Frits brug
  • At McDonald's
  • On the 18 septemberplein near the grote brug
  • The bridge at Catherinaplein
  • At the Catherinaplein for cyclists 
Parking garages

Parking garages nearby:

Take note: the information below only applies voor Sunday. On Saturday, all parking garages are available.

Prof. Dr. Dorgelolaan Available all day
P1 parking Kennedy Business Center Available all day
Fuutlaan Noord Available all day
Terrein Stationsweg West/Oost Available all day
Stationsplein/VVV Available all day
't Eindje (parkeerdekken) Available all day
P1 parking Mathildelaan Available all day
Vonderweg Closed all day
P1 parking De Witte Dame Closed till 11:00 AM
BBA-terrein (Raiffeisenstraat) Closed all day
Terrein Tramstraat Available all day
Parkeergarage Heuvelgalerie Closed till 08:00 PM
P1 parking 't hooghuis Available all day
Parkeerterrein Keizersgracht Available all day
Wilhelminaplein Available all day
Terrein Vogelzang Available all day
Terrein Hoogstraat Available all day
De Rungraaf Available all day
Deken van Somerenstraat Available all day
Parkeergarage Stadskantoor Available all day
Parkeergarage Stadhuisplein Available all day
Bomansplaats Available all day
Parkeergarage de Admirant Available all day
P Winkelcentrum Woensel Available all day
P+R Meerhoven Available from 12:00 AM
Parktheater Available all day
Sint Joriskerk Available all day

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All results are online

All results of the marathonweekend are online.

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