KWF (Dutch Cancer Society) is partner of Marathon Eindhoven. 1 in 3 Dutch people gets cancer. Every year, 45 thousand people die because of cancer. That means that every 5 minutes someone is diagnosed with this disease. The same time to run about 1 kilometer. Marathon Eindhoven gives all participants the opportunity to donate to KWF during their registration. You can also sponsor your participation on the KWF platform. You can do that individually, but also as a team. With your participation and sponsoring you support cancer research.

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Jeugdfonds Sport

Jeugdfonds Sport creates opportunities for children between the ages of 4 and 18 who come from families that are living on minimum wages, to train at official sports clubs. Thanks to Jeugdfonds Sport these children are given the chance to follow their dream in sports. No child should be kept from being able to participate in sports. Therefore, for children whose parents cannot afford to, Jeugdfonds Sport pays their contribution fees. This is how Jeugdfonds Sportliterally keeps children moving.

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