Marathon Eindhoven

Start: Mathildelaan

The Marathon Eindhoven is known for its flat and wide course which has resulted in fast finishing times and very good ratings from our participants. This marathon attracts thousands of runners and 200.000 spectators each year. In this event, you can also participate in the Business Relay Marathon.

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Half Marathon

Start: Momtgommerylaan

The Half Marathon runs through the North of Eindhoven across part of the official marathon course. After 21.1K, you'll finish in the festive city centre. In this event, you can also participate in the Business Half Marathon.

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Business Runs

Estafette & Half Marathon

During the Marathon Eindhoven powered by ASML you and your colleagues can achieve a sportive highlight by participating in the Business Runs. Participating and training for the Business Runs not only creates a good atmosphere between colleagues but also healthy and active employees who burst with energy.

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Jumbo 10 km run by night

Start: Mathildelaan

On Saturday night, you can participate in the Jumbo 10 km run by night. This popular distance runs through the heart of Eindhoven across part of the official marathon course. This way you can experience a unique atmosphere in darkness and lights.

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IAK City Run 5K

Start: Geldropseweg

Are you a beginning runner and would you like to experience to finish on the bustling Vestdijk? The IAK City Runm (5K) is a classic city run through Eindhoven. This distance is also very popular among fast runners.

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Start: Mathildelaan

With the '5K4ALL' we invite all people to participate in an alternative way. You can participate on skates, on your hand bikes or by Nordic walking. The maximum speed is limited to 15 km per hour.

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Chiquita Mini Marathon

Start: Septemberplein

We organize the Chiquita Mini Marathon (1,6K) especially for young sports lovers from across the country. Together with friends, classmates, teammates, parents or grandparents you can run on a part of the real Marathon Eindhoven course. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

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Festus Talam wins exciting 34rd Marathon Eindhoven

Kenyan athlete Festus Talam has won the 34rd Marathon Eindhoven in an exciting race. The 23-years-old winner of last year managed to shake of his last competitor in the very last meters of the race and finished in a new PB after 2.06.13. Herewith he broke is PB of last year with 13 seconds. Fellow Kenyan Felix Kirwa came in second with the same finish time. Marius Kipserim finished in 2.06.43.