The Marathon Eindhoven Pacing Team consists of experienced runners who set the pace for the participants of the marathon and the half marathon. The groups of participants are classified based on target times (as a result of the time they ran previously). 

Occasionally the pacers let themselves drop behind in the group to give the runners tips, to encourage them, and to help them get through difficult moments. The pacers are clearly recognisable by their outfit and a balloon. Participants who want to run with a pacer assemble in the designated starting pens with the colour that matches the colour on the start numbers. Every pacer has a balloon he/she can be recognised by and which states the finishing time. Assemble near the pacer and he/she will set the correct pace.

Pens Required End Time (M)
Balloon colour
B 3.00  Grey
C 3.15  Red
D 3.30  White 
E 3.45 Blue
F 4.00 Orange
G 4.15 Green
H 4:30 Yellow
H 4:45 Transparent
H 5:00 Purple


Pens Required End Time (HM)
Balloon colour
B 1.35 Grey
C 1.40 Red
D 1.45 White
E 1.50 Blue
F 1.55 Orange
G 2.00 Green
G 2.05 Purple
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